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Lots for Sale in Baguio
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For more information or if you would like to arrange a visit to this property, please contact us and we will be happy to serve you.
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Lot Area
Lot 022

Gentle slope with private road access. In a quiet residential area. Located near Marcos Highway.
500 sq.m.
Lot 021

2 adjacent lots. Sloping terrain with road access. In a quiet residential area. Located in Maria Pucay, Pinsao Proper. 15 minute drive to downtown.
1,241 sq.m.
Lot 025

Steep terrain with rich in vegetation. In a peaceful and quiet area with great view of the wooded mountains.
2,300 sq.m.
Lot 026

Sloping terrain. In a residential area at Purok Padawan, Loakan. Approximately 15 minutes to city proper.
803 sq.m.
Lot 030

Sloping terrain. Frontage of 20 meters. 1 kilometer away from the Strawberry Fields. Walking distance to Puguis Elementary School.
400 sq.m.
Lot 028

Gentle slope. 12 meter frontage. A minute drive away to Loakan and Kennon Road intersection. Located in Pias, Camp 7.
200 sq.m.
Lot 023

Flat terrain. Quiet community. 13 meter frontage. Located in Greensummerville Subdivision, Bakakeng. Few minutes drive to SLU Bakakeng Annex.
200 sq.m.